Magic Adventures is offering unique and truly incredible experiences, something that many people would never have the confidence to do without our experience and knowledge.

We ignite passion and encourage the community to reconnect in nature giving you the opportunity to breathe in the open space exploring the stunning Sunshine Coast’s Hinterland with rock climbing, abseiling and treks creating magical experiences.

You will feel safe and secure journeying with others in stunning places such as Noosa’s glorious beaches & National Park, the lush green valleys and magnificent mountains of Mapleton and the iconic Glasshouse Mountains. For the more adventurous there is travelling around Australia trekking Tasmania’s Overland Track, Northern Territory’s Larapinta Trail and Western Australia’s Bungle Bungles. If you are looking to go further abroad and test your fitness why not delve in our Adventure travel like Nepal of the Himalayas, the possibilities are endless.

The people of Magic Adventures are likeminded yet unique individuals, who unite together sharing in the creation of love growth and abundance in many forms, with families, friends, school mates and colleagues all on the same purpose.

Love of adventurous journeys, engaging with self, others and teams.

Growth in connecting with Earth and people through magical experiences & challenging discoveries, and developing respect for it all.

Abundance will be felt with the new people you meet creating new & inseparable relationships. You will soon experience your playfulness again, freedom and aliveness in the environment giving you back your daily purpose.


We’ve dreamed the dream of creation, now let’s get on the path to expressing the dream outwardly. Let’s get amongst the trees, grasses and flowers back to our primitive power naturally increasing our fitness with healthy outdoor skills building robustness and wellbeing through scrambling, climbing, trekking many kilometres every day and step back with the beating rhythm of the pulse of all life.

We are Rising Strong Together!