Melissa Newman | Director | Her Team

Melissa is the Director of Magic Adventures and she infuses her work with the best of who she is so that it resonates in a unique way with her people. Melissa cares about people, giving happiness, peace and allowing people to reconnect. Her passion is about intersecting with what you care about, providing a lifelong process of growth and discovery.

Melissa is an empowering entrepreneur inspiring people in many ways, being a true leader of adventure pursuits as well as a leader of the community. She helps people through their challenges and acknowledges that everyone has their demons to overcome. For those who need a lift she will listen to your story and through her work will empower you to feel confident in yourself again to use these experiences to enrich your life. For those who are confident, she will push your boundaries and develop you further to extend your abilities.

The most rewarding component for her is seeing first-hand how exciting it is supporting ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. Changing belief patterns to step out of comfort zones, to take courageous risks, they soon realise their potential was far greater than they ever imagined possible.

Community Involvement
Melissa is an active volunteer for Glasshouse Mountains State Emergency Services, specialising in Vertical Rescue and her skills become evident when assisting the community in times of need.

Melissa has 15 years of successfully training clients in areas of personal fitness on a professional level. She has a Diploma in Fitness, Personal Training. Looking for easier ways and natural ways to keep clients inspired to train, Melissa knew there was a more enjoyable, intuitive way to achieve this. She then studied Outdoor Recreation achieving her Certificate IV qualification allowing her to lead groups of people in rock climbing, abseiling, canyoning, trekking, cross country skiing and has continued doing this since 2010 in both local and remote areas. This is where her experience and knowledge combined with the two professions enables her to offer adventurous journeys daily, up to a month at a time while getting fit exploring in nature.

She has this to say about her team…

We all take accountability
We act positively
We acknowledge one another
We respect ourselves, each other, clients
We go the extra mile – not because we have to, but because we want to
We act with integrity, allowing us to be trustworthy, honest and respected

All of these principles reflect in our clients naturally because….
We will always be positive towards you smiling and having fun delivering our service
We will always acknowledge you our clients and make you feel important and valued
We listen to your needs, concerns, and desires
We will go the extra mile by exceeding your needs
We deliver uncompromising safety

We take accountability for our actions, we speak truthfully, and we are respected.